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Apple has finally made available the pre-orders by region in App Store feature that it had previously introduced. With the official announcement made on September 13, all details of the new feature were given. In a move set to revolutionize how developers target and release apps, Apple recently unveiled a groundbreaking feature: regional pre-orders for apps and games. But what does this mean for the developers and consumers alike?

Targeted Releases for Enhanced Global Engagement

Until now, when developers launched an app, it was a simultaneous, worldwide event. With Apple’s latest update, developers now have the control to strategically release their apps in select regions, on select dates. This not only allows for a tailored marketing approach but also paves the way for generating region-specific buzz and anticipation. Let’s dive into the details of pre-orders by region in App Store:

Pre-order by region in app store

How Pre-orders by Region in App Store Works: A Step-by-Step Guide

For those keen on leveraging this feature, it’s all orchestrated via App Store Connect.

  1. Setting up a Pre-order: To initiate, developers have to pinpoint an expected release date and specify the regions for the pre-order.
  2. Duration of the Pre-order: For entirely new apps, developers can set a release date anywhere between 2 to 180 days post the pre-order announcement. In contrast, existing apps making a debut in a fresh region can have a timeline stretching from 2 to a whopping 365 days post pre-order announcement.
  3. Approval & Publication: Like all things App Store, the pre-order has to pass through the vigilant eyes of the App Review. Once approved, the pre-order goes live.

Compatibility & Accessibility

For users excited about this feature, pre-orders can be executed on devices armed with iOS 11.2, iPadOS 13, tvOS 11.2, macOS 10.13.2, and watchOS 6 or their subsequent versions.

Marketing Power-Up

Developers can turbocharge their marketing endeavors using the official App Store pre-order badge. This badge acts as a beacon, signaling potential users that an app is on the horizon and can be pre-booked. Beyond the badge, developers are also empowered to amplify the pre-order message through their digital real estate, be it their official website, email newsletters, or bustling social media channels.

A Seamless User Experience on D-Day

Come release day, there’s no manual intervention needed from the user’s end. The pre-ordered app makes its smooth landing onto their devices, accompanied by a notification prompt.

In Conclusion

This strategic move by Apple not only provides developers with a more granular approach to their app launches but also enhances the user experience, allowing them to anticipate and automatically receive new apps the moment they’re released. With regional pre-orders, the global app market is set to witness a new era of region-specific marketing and tailored releases.

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