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Google Play search bar combines events and categories! Google continues to run new tests to improve the user experience on the Play Store. Google, which officially announced that it will feature apps in the search bar at Google I/O 2023, has now started to offer various search terms along with the featured apps.

On June 29, Google initiated the display of a range of search terms within the search bar, as elaborated in our article titled “Google Play Store Search Bar Now Features Categories.” During a testing phase that likely spanned approximately two weeks, the company experimented with showcasing the most frequently searched terms within the Play Store’s search bar.

Google Play Store's New Search Bar Categories

With the recent LinkedIn post on our page last week, we highlighted that Google has expanded this feature to include two additional apps in the search bar. Subsequently, Google has also begun displaying diverse search terms related to events.

This novel alteration, currently accessible to all users in the US market, is anticipated to become available to users in all markets in the near future.

google play store search bar combines events and categories

Enhanced Functionality: Google Play Search Bar Combines Events and Categories

In a continuous effort to enhance the user experience, Google has recently introduced significant changes to the Google Play Store search bar. This transformation combines events and categories, providing users with a more refined and dynamic search experience. In this article, we delve into the potential effects of these changes on the Play Store ecosystem and its users.

A Unified Search Experience

On June 29, Google initiated a testing phase that displayed a variety of search terms within the Play Store’s search bar. This innovation aimed to streamline the search process and make it more intuitive for users. During this testing phase, which lasted for approximately two weeks, Google experimented with featuring the most commonly searched terms within the search bar, paving the way for improved discoverability of apps and content.

Expanding App Discoverability

One of the notable aspects of this change is the inclusion of featured apps in the search bar. Google officially announced this feature at Google I/O 2023, indicating its commitment to enhancing app discoverability. By incorporating featured apps directly into the search bar, Google aims to highlight noteworthy applications, potentially boosting their visibility and downloads.

Improved User Engagement and App Visibility

The amalgamation of events and categories within the search bar is poised to improve user engagement and app visibility. Users can now explore apps more efficiently and discover content relevant to their interests and current events. This could lead to increased app downloads and user satisfaction, benefiting both developers and users alike.


Google’s ongoing efforts to refine the Google Play Store search bar demonstrate its commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience. By combining events and categories and featuring apps directly in the search bar, Google aims to simplify app discovery and engagement. As these changes are rolled out globally, users can look forward to a more streamlined and efficient search experience on the Play Store, ultimately benefitting both developers and consumers in the digital ecosystem.

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