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In a recent discovery, it seems that Google Play Store is gearing up to revolutionize the way users interact with app listings: Google Play Store App FAQs. With the emergence of version 39.1, a new feature, known as App FAQs, has been spotted, promising to streamline the user experience by providing quick answers to commonly asked questions about apps and games. While it was initially speculative, the feature can now be enabled through a flag, offering users a glimpse into the potential changes coming to the Play Store.

Understanding App FAQs

The App FAQs feature is designed to save users time by addressing basic queries before they decide to install an app or game. No longer will users need to sift through lengthy descriptions; instead, FAQs will offer a concise summary of an app’s features and why it’s popular. The interface comprises a prominent card with the heading App FAQs, accompanied by a “Show” button on the right side. Tapping on this button expands the card, revealing three questions with dropdown arrows that, when selected, unveil the corresponding answers. At the bottom of the card, AssembleDeBug will notice that the questions and answers are generated using artificial intelligence. A “Hide” option is also available, allowing users to collapse the section and return to the initial state with the “Show” button.

Impact on ASO

The arrival of App FAQs presents a new layer in the ever-evolving landscape of Google Play Store optimization (ASO). Developers will need to consider how this feature integrates into their ASO strategies to maintain visibility and maximize app installs. Here are some potential areas of impact:

  • Description Optimization: Long descriptions might still play a role, but their purpose could shift. Instead of summarizing basic functionalities, descriptions can focus on highlighting unique selling points, user testimonials, and in-depth information that complements the FAQs and provides further value.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: App FAQs can act as a powerful conversion tool. Clear and concise answers to commonly asked questions can address user concerns and build trust, potentially leading to higher installation rates. Optimizing the FAQ content and presentation for clarity and engagement can significantly boost app downloads.

Impact on Long Descriptions

The relationship between App FAQs and long descriptions will likely be one of co-existence and adaptation. While FAQs might handle fundamental queries, long descriptions can still serve valuable purposes:

  • Deeper Dive: Long descriptions can delve into intricate app features, complex functionalities, and advanced settings that wouldn’t fit within the concise format of FAQs. This empowers users with a comprehensive understanding of the app’s capabilities.
  • Brand Storytelling: Descriptions can showcase the app’s personality, values, and target audience through engaging narratives and creative elements. This helps build brand identity and emotional connections with users.
  • App Differentiation: When users encounter similar FAQs across different apps, long descriptions can become the platform to highlight unique features and competitive advantages, setting the app apart from the crowd.

Limitations and Scope:

While the potential of App FAQs is exciting, it is currently limited to a select number of apps and games, primarily focusing on popular ones such as Google Go, Hay Day, and Duolingo. During testing, AssembleDeBug observed that the FAQs feature is consistent across both apps and games, presenting three questions that are similar in nature:

  1. What do people like most about this app?
  2. What are the features of this app?
  3. What is this app about?

It’s essential to note that this feature is still in its early stages, with FAQs appearing for only a handful of applications. Additionally, the rollout is expected to be gradual, reaching users over the upcoming weeks.

Enabling the Feature:

For those eager to experience the App FAQs feature sooner, AssembleDeBug has discovered that rooted devices can enable this functionality using specific flags. Details on how to enable the feature can be found in the dedicated Telegram channel.


As Google Play Store continues to evolve, the App FAQs feature emerges as a promising addition, offering users a more efficient way to gather information about their desired apps and games. While the feature is currently limited in scope, its potential impact on user experience, decision-making, and the evolution of long descriptions is noteworthy. Keep an eye out for the gradual rollout of this feature in the upcoming weeks and explore the possibilities it brings to the app browsing journey.


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